IMG_2342Last week I created a hashtag to celebrate the bits and bobs of creativity in the every day.
Because I’m totes Gen-Y like that.
I can’t wait to see the every day creativity happening in your lives!

I have a long list of crafty projects I want to complete (in between Toddler sleep battles and newborn nursing.)
I’m definitely adding this Turning Your Instagram Photos Into Wall Art project to the list!

At nap time, it would appear that The Toddler thinks that she is the Boss.
I may need to make this Sculptural Wire and Clay Nameplate to take back the title.
(That’s her up there in the photo. Painting her hand instead of the awesome-sauce canvas that Mum has lovingly prepared.
She makes her own rules, that kid.)

Thank you to Bec from The Plumbette for linking to this post on
achieving your big goals when you’re a mum (read: time poor!)
They were just the reassuring words I needed as I try to do ALL OF THE THINGS.

I’ll also be studying these tips on how to host a hassle-free Kids Birthday Party (incidentally also written by Bec from The Plumbette. Clever lady!)
The Toddler turns 2 in a few weeks.
For her 1st birthday, we were all about finding that pesky Green Sheep.
The lucky kid actually had 2 parties. The other one was feline-themed.
(I’m seeing a distinct trend of animal-based parties.)
This year, we’re celebrating with Hairy Maclary from Donaldson’s Dairy.
(Would it be wrong to serve hot dogs at a canine-themed party?!)
Most importantly, which Australian Women’s Weekly Birthday Cake will I make?

Do you have a favourite TED talk?
I love the nightly ritual this mum has with her son. A TED before bed.

I love this piece on why you should NEVER stop reading picture books to your kids.

Beans in a Brownie?! Say whhhaaat?!! This recipe from Veggie Mama has me intrigued.

I’m linking up with the lovely ladies at The Annoyed Thyroid, Calm to Conniption,
A Little Part of the World and My2Morrows for their Ultimate Rabbit Hole link-up party.

Continue your meanderings with them!