Excuse me whilst I recover from a weekend filled with brilliant blue Winter skies.
IMG_2826(1)I am also recovering from a week of being tantrumed at (that is a totally valid verb, right?)
It appears that the Terrible 2s have arrived.
Fellow Parents of Toddler Tornados, this article about why your kids are freaking out may be of interest.

How do you cope with being tantrumed at?
I think I may make a batch of Erin’s peanut butter and jam donuts and NOT SHARE THEM.
“MINE! MINE!” I shall shout (which The Toddler shouts at me about 60 billion times a day.)
Donuts fix everything, right?

I love Jo’s series on Motherhood Around the World.
This week we’re checking out parenting in South Korea.

Meanwhile, Malinda had me wanderlusting over Amsterdam.
Have you been? When was your last holiday?

I loved reading this article by Kylie Kwong. Just gorgeous.

Speaking of amazing women, the amazing Sammie has a series on inspiring women over on her blog of amazingness.
Her interviews often leave me without words. This one on Sue is just delightful and full of energy!

What is your memory like? Mine is most random.
Zanni’s exquisite post reminded me of the importance of being mindful and present.

To all my fellow aspiring Children’s Book Writers out there, I’ve bookmarked Katrina’s tips about how to crack into the industry.
Book Week is fast approaching. I’ve started collecting costume ideas here if you want to start planning!

Iā€™m linking up with the lovely ladies at The Annoyed Thyroid, Calm to Conniption,
A Little Part of the World and My2Morrows for their Ultimate Rabbit Hole link-up party.

Continue your meanderings with them!