www.ohcreativeday.comI feel like I’m just emerging from the sugar-coated vortex that is throwing a kids party.
The recycling bin is overflowing with eagerly-torn-off wrapping paper.
(Praise be that it is Bin Night.)
The pantry is almost purged of sweet treats.

I loved this post from The Routine Queen about the politics of kids parties.
I’m always confused by the gift-opening thing.
My dad is Chinese-Australian. According to the Chinese way of doing things, it is considered bad manners to open gifts in front of guests.
My mum is Anglo-Australian. The Western way is all cool about the sharing of gift-opening.
To open or not to open?

Do you think parents in Kenya are worrying about the politics of gift-opening and pass-the-parceling?
I loved this insight into parenting in Kenya.

IMG_3711A cake out of the Australian Women’s Weekly Birthday Cake book is our tradition.
I tend to over-estimate my skill set. It’s not until I begin decorating that I remember that I’m not a skilled cake decorator.
But icing and lollies make everything better, right?
Can you decorate cakes? Then you should totally check out Tash’s post on Cake Angels. A charity that creates amazing cakes for kids facing medical challenges.

Enough with cake talk! We’ll be seriously cracking down on sugar levels round these parts for awhile.
Kristy’s sugar-free peppermint slice will hit the spot though!

I’ve been feeling all of the Mother Guilts of late regarding screen time.
(I’m 99% certain that my Toddler adores Peppa Pig a little bit more than she adores me.)
I stumbled across Maxabella’s awesome collection of Screen Freedom Ideas.
Peppa Pig, be gone!

The porcine-loving birthday girl also inspired my latest short story.
It’s running over on Kids’ Book Review if you’d like to check it out!

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