It’s okay to ignore the housework for a week, right?

How’s your Monday going?
I’ve spent the morning catching up on housework.
I like to take the “ignorance is bliss” approach to housework.
If I ignore the housework, I am blissful.
Until I can’t find any bench space to put anything down and I question whether the state of my floors is actually endangering the health of my children.
So fresh house, fresh week and a fresh lot of links that I’ve been loving over the past week.
Happy Meandering!

Pumpkin and Honey donuts? Yes please!

This kid must be hilarious to live with.

Still recovering from the Game of  Thrones finale? (Can’t. even.)
Leave a flower in this virtual graveyard for your favourite character.
And what would Jon Snow talk about at a dinner party?

Sydneysiders, have any of you eaten here? Sammie’s photos look delicious. I’ll take one of everything, please and thank you!

Tilda Swinton is one interesting chick.

Are you comfortable in your own skin?

I really loved watching this 1965 video of an eloquent and handsome 24-year-old Bruce Lee explain Kung Fu to studio execs.

I love reading other peoples’ birth stories!

The book featured in the image above is from Todd Parr’s book “The Okay Book.” Check out his website– we have many of his excellent books on our bookshelves!

How has your Monday been?

I’m linking up with the lovely ladies at The Annoyed Thyroid, Calm to Conniption,
A Little Part of the World and My2Morrows for their Ultimate Rabbit Hole link-up party.

Continue your meanderings with them!