Transport themed party

My little guy is nuts for anything to do with transport.
Which presents an interesting challenge for me because apparently a truck is not always just a truck. I’ve also had to increase my knowledge base around construction vehicles.
The things we do for our kids.
As we approached the little guy’s 2nd birthday, it was a no-brainer that we would celebrate with a transport-themed party.


The cake obviously had to be the train cake from the Australian Women’s Weekly Birthday Cakes book. It’s the cake that childhood dreams are made of.

In a slightly evil twist, we didn’t serve many sugary treats. Instead I sent them home as party favours. Bwahahahah!

We kept things pretty simple- cheese and fruit platters. A barbeque. Salads. And chocolate crackles. Because chocolate crackles.

Transprt themed party

Transport themed party

Tiny Teddy Cars from here.


In terms of entertainment, I set up a making station in a corner of the backyard. Any container or box that was destined for the recycling bin was placed in said corner with various craft items.
The kiddies went to town designing their own forms of transportation.
Sadly I was too busy making sure the pastries weren’t burning in the oven/ placating a cranky newborn to take any photos. We had an amphibious car, air planes, a car with a smiley face… transport themed party


A few days before the party, I set the birthday boy up with a long roll of art paper, paint and toy cars. He had a ball painting with his cars. The resulting artwork was hung up as a banner.
I think we might make some thank you cards out of the banner.

transport themed partyThis week over on Instagram, we are asking people to #getcreativewith containers. We tried our hand at crafting some vehicles out of recyclables for decorations.

transport themed party


We have this “thing” where we try and tie our parties in with books. It’s what happens when your mum is a teacher.

transport themed partyFor the transport-loving little person in your life, we highly recommend….

Carl Johanson’s All Kinds of Cars
Alain Gree’s Transport
Richard Scarry’s Trucks
Aino-Maija Metsola’s Traffic Jam
(These are affiliate links.)

And I feel it is only natural that I should end this post lamenting about how my little guy is 2 already. Where does the time go? Yada yada waaaaaaah!

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Transport themed party