Turn kid's art into jewlleryHave you heard the latest from the catwalks of Paris?
Kindy chic is so hot right now.
Okay, so that claim is completely unsubstantiated.
But who can resist some kid-made handiwork?
Here are 2 ways to turn kid’s art into jewellery.

1. Paper Bead and Clay Brooch

Recently we completed some fabulous art activities out of the KidArtLit subscription box.

One project involved bleeding tissue paper.
These were the scraps we were left with.

Here 2 simple and striking ways to turn kid's art into jewellery.Way too good to be thrown out.
So we turned these scraps into paper beads.

Click here to learn how to make paper beads.

You could totally make these beads using strips of painted paper.
If your kids are like mine, then you have roughly 13 million sheets of paintings to choose from….

Tissue paper is obviously pretty delicate to work with.
I recommend rolling the top third of paper around a chopstick or skewer, and then add glue to the bottom two-thirds of the strip to create your bead. If you add too much glue to the top of the strip, it’s hard to remove the bead from your chopstick or skewer without it becoming a mushy mess.

I then used a jam jar to create a circle out of Sculpey clay.
With a toothpick, I created a dot imprint into the clay and baked it according to the instructions on the packet.

I used Mod Podge to glue down a square of tissue paper.
On top of this, I used super glue to fix 3 beads into place.
(This step obviously is best done by an adult. I kinda wish I had an adult to help me. I ended up with sticky fingers and it’s a marvel I didn’t actually glue my fingers together.)

Here 2 simple and striking ways to turn kid's art into jewellery.Once the front of your brooch is dry, super glue a bar pin into place on the back of your brooch.

And you’re done!

Here 2 simple and striking ways to turn kid's art into jewellery.

2. Tissue Paper and Clay Bead Necklace

Next, I wanted to create “tassels” for a necklace out of the tissue paper scraps.
So I created this highly technical process* to do so.
(* it was not highly technical at all.)

Here 2 simple and striking ways to turn kid's art into jewellery.I twisted the top third of the strip.
Then I bent the twist in half before twisting it around itself to fashion a loop of sorts.

I threaded a toothpick through the loop so that I could coat the tassel and loop in a layer of Mod Podge.
I then balanced the toothpick and tassel in the opening of a jar to allow it to dry.
Once dried, the Mod Podge had sealed the paper and made it “crunchy.”
(The paper is still delicate despite this, so I probably wouldn’t wear this necklace out in the rain.)

I made some clay beads out of Sculpey and then put my necklace together.

Click here to learn how to make clay beads.

Here 2 simple and striking ways to turn kid's art into jewellery.This week over on Instagram, my #getcreativewith squad are getting creative with wearable art.
Pop by for some more jewellery inspired by kid art.

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Here are 2 simple but striking ways to turn kid's artwork into jewellery