Fabric Flowers Oh Creative Day MumtasticWhat do you do with all the itty-bitty baby clothes that your kids have grown out of?
If you’re a sentimental sap like me, then you can’t quite bear to let them go.

I seem to have the memory of an elephant when it comes to baby clothes.
I can recall who gave my kids a particular outfit.
I can remember the events to which my kids wore those outfits.
I wish my mind retained more useful information but memories are powerful things, right?

Those little outfits evoke such love-soaked memories.

Head over to Mumtastic to see how I turned baby clothes into fabric flowers.
You can pop them into a frame and preserve them FOREVER.
Or create a sweet but simple card.
Fabric Flowers Oh Creative Day for MumtasticBaby Bear turns 1 this weekend.
What is it with all the wistful feelings around first birthdays?
I’ve only just managed to organise all of his sister’s baby clothes (and she’s almost 3!)
Seems I must put myself through the emotional wringer again and sort through all of his baby clothes.
(I’d like to leave you with the mental image of me grasping his onesies to my heart, ugly weeping and lamenting “Where did my baby gooooooooo?”)

What do you do with all the baby clothes?