This necklace craft for kids is brought to you by two things- 1) my hoarding of recyclables and 2) my fave new art supply.

This post is sponsored by Pilot Pen Australia

People frequently ask me about my must-have materials when it comes to crafting with kids. I always recommend washi or decorative tape as a craft cupboard staple.
We go through a fair bit of washi tape here and whenever we get to the end of the roll, I keep the cardboard core.
For a loooooong while, I wasn’t sure why I was keeping all those cores. My inner-creative lady knew that one day the project would reveal itself.
And reveal itself it did.


I teamed these cores with Pilot Pintor Paint Markers which have recently become my favourite creative supply to use at home and in my READ + CREATE preschooler classes.

Pilot Pintor Paint Markers contain water-based paint. We’ve enjoyed exploring the different colours and different tip sizes.
So far we’ve used them on paper, terracotta, canvas, cotton, rocks, cellophane and now tape cores!
They are a total game-changer.
Because they are water-based, if my children use them too *enthusiastically*, then a simple wipe down removes any trace of them from household surfaces like the dining table or floorboards *ahem*

What you will need for this necklace craft for kids:

Cardboard tape cores
Pilot Pintor Paint Markers

Colour the tape cores with Pilot Pintor Paint Markers as you please. The pens with fine to bold tips are great for this purpose.
Use the pens with extra fine tips to add detail. We did this as a family Saturday morning creative session.
Literally fun for all the family.

If you’ve been around here for awhile, you’ll know that I love arts and crafts as a mode for children to explore problem-solving and tackling frustrations. This necklace project encourages kids to experiment with how they will construct and structure their necklaces.

We used yarn and decorative strings to hold the cores together. My 6-year-old opted to simply thread the cores onto the yarn.
We dug out the bead box and embellished our necklaces with beads and tassels.
The Pilot Pintor Paint Markers also worked beautifully on the beads so we added more details onto the beads this way.

We do love the “more is more” approach at my place.
Bling up your necklace and then wear it proudly.

This necklace craft for kids would be perfect for handmade gifts for family and friends.
You could also Christmasify them and turn them into Christmas tree decorations.