5 Simple Mocktails for ChristmasThis post was written in collaboration with SodaStream

Around this time each year, my family and I start discussing Christmas Lunch.
Who is bringing the sides?
What are we doing for dessert?
Who is braving the Fish Markets on Christmas Eve?
(Just joking- we never discuss that last question because it is always my Seafood Ninja Mum.
Mad respect to her.)

One of the big questions we discuss is what our signature cocktail will be for the festivities.
This Christmas, being with child, I have not entered the debate around the signature cocktail.
Instead I’ve been secretly planning the super rad mocktails that I’ll be creating, swilling and making the cocktail-drinking folk jealous with.

Here are 5 super simple mocktails perfect for the Festive Season.
5 Simple Mocktails for ChristmasEach mocktail begins with the same step.
Make up a bottle of sparking water.
I was lucky enough to be gifted a SodaStream machine. Thank you!
(And no, I’m still not over the thrill of going from tap water to bubbly water in under 30 seconds!)

All of the mocktails have a sparkling water base. I’m pretty excited about how victoriously hydrated I am going to emerge from Christmas Day. Usually I end the day feeling bloated, wickedly dehydrated and in a mad sugar coma.

5 Simple Mocktails for ChristmasLast Christmas (I Gave You My Watermelon Heart)
Puree some watermelon and pour into heart-shaped ice tray (Thanks IKEA!)
Once frozen, place 2 or 3 hearts into a glass.
Add pomegranate and a sprig of rosemary.
Top up with sparkling water.

5 Simple Mocktails for ChristmasWe Wish You a Berry Christmas
Add strawberry and pomegranate into glass and muddle. (Let’s face it- my muddle technique is more akin to just squashing the fruit.)
Pour frozen berries into your glass and top with sparkling water.
Garnish with mint.
5 Simple Mocktails for ChristmasOrange You Glad I’m You’re Secret Santa?
Dust the rim of your glass with cinnamon.
Load your glass with orange and lime wedges.
Top with sparkling water.
5 Simple Mocktails for ChristmasAll I Want For Christmas is Pineapple
Place pineapple and mint in glass and muddle.
Top with sparkling water and garnish with strawberries.
5 Simple Mocktails for ChristmasDing Dong Chamomile on High
Add cucumber, strawberry and lime to a glass.
Fill one-third of glass with sparkling water.
Top rest of glass with cooled chamomile tea.

Please feel free to suggest an alternative name for this mocktail. I couldn’t think of a Christmassy way to mention cucumbers or chamomile.

What’s happening at yours for Christmas lunch?